Demónio António / Folclore Impressionista | Nariz Entupido

António Caramelo & J.P. Daniel

Performance Sonora e Visual

CAOS | casa d’artes e ofícios
20 de outubro de 2018

“An imaginary soundtrack for the eerie landscape of the Côa Valley.
Considered one of the most important open-air sanctuaries of Palaeolithic Art in the world, the Côa Valley was, during our childhood, our secret garden, a parallel place of escapism and wonder.
This soundtrack is all about spectralities: the hazy memories and the ghostly atmospheres of a haunted landscape, that invades our present from the past.”

Side A:

  1. The Secret Garden
  2. Canada do Inferno
  3. Subir “Os Trinta”
  4. Everyday Ceremony
  5. Vale dos Moinhos
  6. The Energy Programme

Side B:

  1. In the Summer
  2. Pagaja
  3. Ancient Ritual
  4. Crosses
  5. Who is This, Who is Coming?
    released February 22, 2018

Composed and Performed by Folclore Impressionista
(João Paulo Daniel, Sérgio Silva and António Caramelo)
Field Recordings by António Caramelo and JP Daniel
Hydrophonic Recordings by António Caramelo
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by João Paulo Daniel

Cover Artwork by João Fonte Santa
Postcards by António Caramelo
Poster Landscape Artwork by Xavier Almeida
Poster Map Artwork by Pedro Petiz
Booklet Artwork by João Paulo Daniel
Design by JP Daniel, A Caramelo, P Petiz and J Castro
Risograph printing by Pedro Petiz
Screen printing by Gonçalo Duarte

Nariz Entupido NE03 | Fev.2018